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Microchipping FAQs

Microchipping FAQs from Nall Hills Animal Hospital

Microchipping is one of those pet care services everyone has heard of but not everyone really understands. If you're curious about the important benefits of this procedure, here's a microchipping FAQ from your trusted veterinary team at Nall Hills Animal Hospital.

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  • I've heard that my pet should be microchipped. Can I get this procedure from an Overland Park vet near me? You certainly can! If you've been running searches on an "Overland Park vet near me," look no further than Dr. Teeter, Dr. Goodyear, or Dr. Minor here at Nall Hills Animal Hospital!
  • What is a microchip? A microchip is an extremely simple RFID (radio frequency identification) transceiver. The chip is encoded with a unique identifier number that refers to your pet; sentry in a national pet locator database. 
  • Is microchipping a surgical procedure? Contrary to what some owners might think, microchipping involves no surgery whatsoever. The microchip is so tiny that your Overland Park veterinarian can inject it beneath the animal's skin via syringe, just like a vaccination.
  • How does the microchip transmit its information? The microchip doesn't require its own internal power source; instead, it automatically reacts to the energy of a RFID scanning device. When an animal health worker scans your pet with such a device, the microchip sends its ID number to the device. It’s then a simple matter to look up the ID number, find your contact information, and contact you to let you know that your pet has been found.
  • My pet already has a collar tag. Why does he also need a microchip? As helpful as collar tags certainly are, they have one distinct disadvantage -- they're not permanent. A collar tag, or even the collar it's attached to, can fall away or be torn off, making your pet completely unidentifiable unless he also has a microchip. 
  • If my pet has a microchip, does he no longer need a collar tag? Don't assume that a microchip is a "replacement" for a collar tag. These tags are still the first thing the average person will look for if he finds your pet, and then contain other helpful data such as the pet's names and vaccination dates as well. Think of the microchip is your pet's second form of ID.
  • How effective is microchipping? Microchipping has been shown to make a major difference in reuniting pets with their owners. Non-microchipped dogs find their way home only 21.9 percent of the time, while microchipped dogs enjoy this happy ending over 52.2 percent of the time. The difference in cats is even more significant, with only 1.8 percent of non-microchipped cats (as opposed to 38.5 percent of microchipped cats) being returned to their owners.

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