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Laser Surgery

The Benefits of Laser Surgery in Overland Park

Laser surgery for pets is a relatively new technological development in the field of veterinary medicine. Just like for people, laser surgery implements the concentrated light of laser as a surgical tool. The CO2 laser is often used for dog laser surgery and cat laser surgery. It vaporizes the tissue and creates a highly precise incision. There are many benefits with laser surgery for pets in Overland Park. There is less tissue trauma, reduced bleeding, minimal swelling, faster healing and less post-surgical pain. Today, veterinarians around the country use laser surgery for spay and neuter, oral surgery, tumor removals, biopsies, eyelid surgeries and ear surgeries. From simple surgical procedures to complex ones, laser surgery is commonplace today.

Cat and Dog happy after Laser Therapy.

Like any other type of pet surgery, pets are prepped for laser surgery with an exam and pre-surgical anesthesia blood screen. Prior to surgery, food needs to be withheld after midnight the night before. This fasting prevents vomiting due to anesthesia. Water is allowed. While your pet is undergoing laser surgery, you can often opt for a nail trim, microchipping and teeth cleaning at the same time. During surgery, your pet is carefully monitored on a surgical table with high-tech cardio and respiratory equipment. Your pet will be released from an animal hospital when the veterinarian feels it’s safe. Plus, you’ll be provided with detailed aftercare instructions for when you take your pet home to recuperate.

Nall Hills Animal Hospital: Your Overland Park Animal Hospital

Nall Hills Animal Hospital is your go-to Overland Park animal hospital for pet laser surgery. We use the CO2 laser for tumor excision, neutering, orthopedic surgeries, patellar luxation and more. We do on-premise blood tests to ensure the proper anesthesia and monitor your pet’s organ function and system function during surgery. We are dedicated to keeping your pet comfortable during and after surgery. We will provide you with both detailed aftercare instructions and pain medications for a comfortable recovery.

Does your cat need laser surgery for declawing? Is it time to sterilize your four-legged companion? If your pet has a mass, laser surgery can remove it. To learn more about laser surgery for your pet, call our animal hospital in Overland Park at (913) 341-8836 to schedule an appointment today.