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End of Life Decisions for Pets

Your Compassionate Overland Park Veterinarian

Here at Nall Hills Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves in our dedication to providing your beloved pets with the best possible care and being your trusted Overland Park veterinarian. We're also pet lovers ourselves, so we understand just how emotionally difficult it can be to say goodbye to a pet who is suffering or who has otherwise reached the end of its life. As such, we are committed to providing compassionate and peaceful end-of-life services to pets.

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End-of-Life Euthanasia: When is it Time?

Euthanasia is an option often utilized when a pet has fallen ill and there are no viable options for treatment/recovery. Specifically, euthanasia allows the pet to be put down peacefully and surrounded by loved ones, including its owners. Of course, deciding when to have euthanasia done on your beloved pet is never easy. When considering this option, it is a good idea to consider your pet's quality of life. If he or she is suffering, then euthanasia may be a more humane option, rather than allowing your pet to continue its health decline.

If you're unsure about whether or not euthanasia is a good option for your pet's situation, then the best thing you can do is speak with one of our trusted Overland Park veterinarians. He or she will be able to evaluate your pet's illness, quality of life, and prognosis to make a recommendation. Of course, the ultimate decision is up to you.

Resources From Our Animal Hospital in Overland Park

Should you decide to go through with euthanasia, our animal hospital team is here to assist you. We provide compassionate euthanasia services right here in our office, and our caring staff will make sure that your pet's final moments are peaceful and relaxed. You are more than welcome to remain in the room while the euthanasia is administered. This gives you an opportunity to help your pet stay calm and relaxed while also getting to say your final goodbyes.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that choosing euthanasia for your pet can often time be the most humane and loving option. After all, it can put an end to any pain and suffer your pet may be suffering from. Some pet owners carry guilt about choosing euthanasia, but in reality, it is one of the most selfless things a pet owner can do for a suffering or sick pet.

When in Doubt, Speak With Our Overland Park Vet

If you're in need of additional advice on your pet's end-of-life care, please speak with our Overland Park vet today. Here at Nall Hills Animal Hospital, we are happy to provide advice and guidance to those in need. Ultimately, we will do our best to help you weigh your pet's options and allow you to come to the best choice.

If you'd like to schedule an appointment with our team or would simply like to find out more about our services offered, please call our office at (913) 341-8836. We look forward to serving you and your pet with care and compassion.