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Senior Pet Care

Caring For Your Senior Pet

Pets over the age of 7 years are considered senior citizens by veterinarians. They may slow down a bit in their energy level. They may sleep more, have more digestive problems and have difficulty eating because of dental issues. The heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver may not function as efficiently as they once did. When your pet enters this age bracket, you should begin to provide a bit more intensive care to ensure that he lives to a comfortable old age.

Senior Pet Care at Nall Hills Animal Hospital in Overland Park

Common Problems Affecting Senior Pets

Senior pets begin to develop health problems that can impact their lifespan and ability to function normally. Joint and bone problems can occur that make the movement more difficult. Kidney and liver function may be affected. Heart problems can develop. Your pet can even develop problems with mental function that may cause him to become withdrawn or aggressive. You may not notice any change in the animal’s physical condition, but the vet will be able to detect problems in the early stages through lab tests results and physical examination. That’s why regular visits to the veterinarian are so important for older animals.

How Your Veterinarian Can Help Age-Related Conditions

Your Overland Park veterinarian can offer a number of treatments for many age-related conditions in senior animals. Regular insulin injections can help animals that develop diabetes in their later years. Medications and surgery can help joint and bone conditions that cause pain and problems with mobility. Diet and medications can be used to treat kidney and liver diseases. If your pet develops a heart problem, new types of surgery and pharmaceutical therapies can help. A visit to your vet can find these problems and provide treatment to help your pet live longer, with greater functionality.

How You Can Help Your Senior Pet

Your veterinarian can recommend a number of tips for keeping your senior pet in good health. First, ensure your pet gets the nutrition he or she needs with a high-quality pet food. Help your pet get the exercise he needs with walks, playtime and regular interactions. Take your pet in for vet exams on a regular basis. If your pet develops a health problem, consult with your vet regularly about treatments and medications. Keep your pet warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. Finally, spend time with your pet, providing touch and companionship that he needs.

Consult Nall Hills Animal Hospital For Your Senior Pet’s Needs

Nall Hills Animal Hospital has the knowledge and experience pets need to make their senior years happy and healthy. We offer a wide range of services that include wellness examinations, spay and neuter surgery, flea and tick treatment, dental care, laser surgery, grooming services and boarding. We pride ourselves on gentle, compassionate care for all animals at every stage of life. Contact Nall Hills Animal Hospital in Overland Park, KS at (913) 341-8836 for an appointment to discuss how you can provide the best care to help your pet enjoy his older years.