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Simple Ways to Keep Your Pet Happy

Simple Ways to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy

Your pets depend on you to keep them happy and healthy through all their years. As you dedicate your time to their wellbeing, it pays off to ensure that you meet all the key areas of care. Your pets need regular grooming, obedience training, pack time and vet care to truly blossom into a well-adjusted and peaceful pet. You can work alongside your veterinarian in Overland Park to maximize the health and happiness of your beloved pets.

happy dog with a stick in his mouth

Regular Grooming

When you invest your time and money in regular grooming sessions, you actively ensure your pets remain in great health. Depending on the species, your pets requires washing, brushing and clipping of their fur to avoid mats, tangles and other distressing situations. During the grooming sessions, your pets will receive a thorough once over and have their nails clipped for pain-free walking and running.

Obedience Training

All species benefit from short obedience training sessions, as the time together reinforces your bond and teaches your pets how to behave in your household. The sessions should only last about five minutes at a time but should be repeated multiple times a day. As your pet learns and masters a command, move onto the next command to add to your pets’ list of tricks.


Pets thrive when given enough exercise with all members of their family. The best way to exercise time is walking the neighborhood to allow your pets to oversee their territory. Over time, your pets will demand that you head out daily to fulfill their need to patrol their area. You can also spend time running and playing with your pets on a daily basis.

Regular Visits with Your Veterinarian in Overland Park

Regular visits to your Overland Park KS veterinary hospital are key to protecting your pets’ health and well-being. Your veterinarian will monitor your pets’ health status and suggest ways to maximize their happiness each and every day. Your vet can even help you troubleshoot behavioral problems, as needed to keep your pets in great spirits.

If your pets are due for a visit to the veterinarian in Overland Park KS, give the team at Nall Hills Animal Hospital a call at 913-341-8836 to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.